Facebook Advertising for Ecommerce Course

Learn how to run effective and strategic Facebook advertising campaigns for E-commerce stores as a beginner.

Created by Ecommerce Pro
Last updated Fri, 10-Feb-2023
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Course overview

This course will help you to master the art of running effective Facebook advertising campaigns for your Ecommerce business. From setting up Facebook Business Manager account to creating engaging Ad creatives, learn to setup Ecommerce Facebook Ads that can get you the desired results  in optimized budget.

What you’ll learn?

  • Introduction to Facebook Business Manager and Account Setup
  • Understanding AIDA Sales Funnel to Maximize ROI
  • Building Right Customer Personas to Target your Ideal Customers
  • Best Practices and Strategies to Create Ad Creatives and Copies
  • Facebook Pixel Setup to Track and Measure Performance
  • Facebook Creator Studio Tools
  • Laptop or Smartphone with an Active Internet Connection
  • Personal Facebook Account
Curriculum for this course
12 Lessons
Ecommerce Facebook Ads
1 Lessons
  • Ecommerce Facebook Ads
Why Use Facebook for Advertising
1 Lessons
  • Why Use Facebook for Advertising
Types of Facebook Ads
2 Lessons
  • Types of Facebook Ads
  • 1st Assessment
Facebook Business Manager
1 Lessons
  • Facebook Business Manager
AIDA – Funnels and Building Customer Persona
1 Lessons
  • AIDA – Funnels and Building Customer Persona
Ad Creative for Ecommerce
2 Lessons
  • Ad Creative for Ecommerce
  • 2nd Assessment
Audience Selection
1 Lessons
  • Audience Selection
Facebook Pixel
1 Lessons
  • Facebook Pixel
Creator Studio
2 Lessons
  • Creator Studio
  • Final Assessment
4.5 rating
  • Video Tutorial
  • 12 Lessons
  • Access on mobile and tv
  • Full lifetime access

Created By Ecommerce Pro

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  • Kevin M.
  • Nimra Alvi
    It's amazing nd very useful course The method of learning FB advertisement is very easy in ecompro I really loved it. I'm learning a lot from here
  • Rai Hasis HASSAN
    Best course!
  • Fahad Ashraf
    Very informative and learn this on different level
  • Muhammad Bilal
    Good and easy course.
  • Abdulrehman
  • Jordan Smith
    Its the best Facebook advertisement course i was looking for a long time. Highly recommended !!
  • hassan bajwa
    Excellent content, wonderful tutorials in nominal prices "I recommend this course for beginners and experts"
  • Roha Arshad
    Its a great course to enhance the knowledge in an effective way.
  • Areeba Ahmad
    This course has helped me a lot to gain skills for Facebook advertisement. Definitely recommended.
  • zarwa shahid
    Great learning. This course has increased my Facebook Advertising for Ecommerce Knowledge. Much recommended.
  • Hira Liaqat
  • Ariz Mohsin
  • Tehaam Mohsin
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